Top Five Videos This Week

Novel feat. Joell Ortiz

On police violence, a muted issue finally getting some soulful attention. I don’t know Novel but I will make sure to after this heart-rending tribute song.

Sensual Seduction (Sexual Eruption) – Mr. Snoop Dogg

Snoop’s too big to be limited to one form of music. Lately, songs like “Let’s Get Blown” and this one prove him a healthy fit for sensual rhythm and blues. Word. Ya dig?

Kanye West and Kid Sister – Pro Nails

Kanye released this on his prelude Graduation mixtape to show his penchant for all things cool and trendy. This song brings the Baltimore club sound to the fore with his appearance. It is also a paean to stylish moves and sharp dress. Lil Mama kills it for this same reason, although she may be more bubble gum than Kid Sister, who rocks out in small clubs alongside more “serious” groups.

Josh Smith blocks Dwyane Wade. Josh Smith blocks Dwyane Wade. Repeated enough times, this is like music. Smith is on his way to what NBA analyst Rick Kamla coins a “signature season.” The young ATLien has been wowing us with athleticism for the past two years, taking home the ’05 Dunk Crown. Now he’s decided to become a humble (but ferocious) version of Ron Artest, complete with sometimey jumpshot. Easily one of my favorite players to make the leap from Baby Boy to Real McCoy. (Peep how stoic dude’s face is after the fact…like nothing happened.)

Stat Quo has been languishing over at Aftermath. Both he and Joell Ortiz seem like Dr. Dre’s boutique signings. I doubt this kind of introspection on media frenzy ever makes it big but it’s a YouTube classic. Pardon my lateness on it.


1 Response to “Top Five Videos This Week”

  1. 1 brandonsoderberg December 4, 2007 at 10:12 am

    yeah…there’s not really anything “Baltimore Club” about ‘Pro Nails’…

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