Top Blog Posts According to Me

Three o’clock in the morning may not be the best time to decide the best of anything but here goes:

From Passion of the Weiss: Snoop Dogg Smokes Himself Retarded

I don’t share his opinion because I think “Sexual Eruption” is from the side of Snoop’s brain I relate to…but his Onion-style article about its creation makes for good internet stuff.

From Dallas Penn: Hillary Clinton and The Terrorist

So what is a terrorist? Not a guy named Leeland Eisenberg apparently…who news outlets describe as “impassioned” and “articulate.” One wonders how much he might have articulated without claiming there was a bomb strapped to him in the Clinton campaign office. Word. Ya dig?

From Lil Kim Goes In Back

The Queen Bee is “goin’ in” on Remy Ma. Femcee sexual overtones aside, listen to how many times Kimmy from da Block uses the term “at the end of the day.” This has to be my favorite New York-ism, used by many rappers to signify they are serious. Along with “mattafact,” it might be the most overused, pseudo-declarative phrase in rap. But, at the end of the day, it’s still direct.

From XXL Mag: Moments with Weezy and

From Complex : Crazy Weezy is Good Weezy

Anyone who answers interview questions like this:

C: Where’s the pain coming from these days?
LIL WAYNE: Me. If you blame something else for your pain then you’re an asshole. You are your pain, nigga. You can cut yourself right now. That don’t hurt because you are your pain. If it hurts you, then you done that, it’s a mind thing. You ever notice when you have a very stuffy nose or you have a cold and you eat something, you don’t taste nothing, you be like, “I can’t eat nothing, I can’t taste it, I’m hungry,” that’s because you don’t actually taste nothing, you know what I mean? You are you, you make everything around you. You make water, you make the sky, because it’s you, if you don’t want that to be water then it ain’t water, fuck. It’s you, so…ya dig?

Or this…

Your development as an artist surprised a lot of people. You went from being just another member of Cash Money to being recognized as a top lyricist in the game. Do you ever wonder how the perception of you has changed?
If I thought about that, I’d be the craziest dude in the world. ’Cause perception is from somebody else’s eyes. I can’t get in your head and see what you see, so why would I even care about what you see? Fuck what you see. I wish all you bitches was blind… A lotta people didn’t expect me to be this good. I like them just as well, because now that mean I have to be better for them. To blow their mind. Now I have to do something superstupid for them to be like, “Damn, I ain’t never knew you’d be this good.”

…is my hero. Lil’ Wayne, the sky is my domain. So high he could eat a star. I’ve known aloofness personally but this is the kind of detachment I aspire to. Why not live in a world of changing perceptions and stretching metaphors? It’s way better than what we have right now obviously.

From Stereohyped: Lil Wayne in Ozone Mag’s Sex Issue

No, he’s not pictured with Baby. He is describing what one girl and I always discuss: his passionate love of women. Lil Wayne is not the same misogynistic, womanizing kind of rapper as his counterparts. He seems to love sex and raps about its sensations like only a lover would. Others always seem removed from the joys of sex, never wanting to attribute physical joy to a woman. Word to sexuality, Wayne feels different on that account.


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