Outasight – Radio New York

A decade after the Blackstar-Mos Def tandem is long enough to reflect on his nasally signature singing. Dante does the reggae chanting as capably as any Dennis Brown heartache song. Outasight, Yonkers Native and unofficial Mos Def apprentice, might be a bit premature in adopting the sing-rap nasal tones. His album standout “Good Evening” is a relaxing, competent rusty soul song for the summer, heavy on hook, feathery lyrics. Radio New York massages the very last sinews of this form. The songs each resonate of aspiring, naive artistry with verses fixated on the unattainable. Just when he seems like his head has been in the clouds too long, he brings it back with an extended wail. (But he rhymes “Maybach” twice, which seems repetitive and counterintuitive.) With a whole boutique industry of white-soul-meets-easy-listening already resurgent in the form of Amy Winehouse and Robin Thicke, Ol’ Nerdy Blues is certainly on to something. What Radio New York (and tracks like “Radio Radio”) lack in range, they make up for with tight dreamy production, swishing cymbals and airy nostalgia. Perhaps straying as far away from half-hearted emceeing as he can will allow him to bloom even further. Preoccupation with alternate realities like “Fame and Fortune” and “Lights Camera Action” has minimized the effects of his simpatico demeanor with real but trite whining.


1 Response to “Outasight – Radio New York”

  1. 1 Luis July 28, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    Copped the album and I must say its a breathe of fresh air. 4 out of 5

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