MC’s is born here

My thoughts on Brooklyn’s fate considering its past.

The text:

Look close – MC’s is born here and we greedy like mice for the cheese like our forbears/false teeth, you need to get served like hors d’oeuvres for telling them tall tales/when all else fails I roll L’s of raw herb/my borough forges Kings from paupers/I flourish even with my wings clipped off ‘cuz/I’m gifted but troubled so I stay lifted –/living in a bubble/life set on imminent destruct but I’m indestructible/that’s what I’m drilling in these chumps/sometimes I fall so I will myself up/simply winning ain’t enough/but niggas front like we built Ford tough/hurt but still scoring like/”Hello Brooklyn!” we launch jumpers with the elbows crooked/billboards fell on cushions of coarse stumps/I scour for honey like Winnie the Pooh but/money’s short, the city’s in ruin/screwy but niggas won’t gimme my due/you wonder why I’m not feeling you/clearly you wilt when asked to fill the shoes/of the mill who came before you/you wanna be Presidents without precedent/pressing when you should just be expressive/yea, Brooklyn keep on taking it but we feeling them birds swoop in on our acreage/on our dying breaths — Manhattan land barons apply the pressure/antagonist liars will sign a check for that unfair advantage/so stand pat my profession warrants intestinal fortitude/the mood or the view could shift without warning/block’s safe enough to play on/kids saving up they crayons for a scooter/they ain’t preyed on by intruders but may choose the trade later on/either that or make famous songs/we play along cuz the cadence haunts us/and we creative as the day is long/so look close…emcees is born here.


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