Just a few updates. I haven’t written an “exclusive” post for drewricketts.com in a minute. I’m applying some of the video-editing skills I’ve learned from good ‘ol Windows Movie Maker to publish my first show “The Baba Ganoush Hour”. I also realized that the first incarnation of Heard On My Stoop was more focused on essays, critical analysis and poetry. However happy I was with those posts (pretty happy), I want to become a more prolific blogger and use this site as more than just a resume. Therefore, starting today, the posts will be much more frequent, cover more current events, and long essays will be either linked from other sites where I have written or posted here for personal consumption.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing. It means I never will stop. I’m intent on making my posts relevant based on what categories they fit into. Since I’ve been blessed to attend events and harvest a variety of interests, I’m going to change up the site’s categories a bit and also the layout gradually.

Click the links below for the latest articles I’ve written:

Hello Beautiful column – It’s called Grooming in Gotham and it’s part of a series of men’s blogs about relationships. Kevin Clark is the single guy. Jerry Barrow is the father. Some anonymous guy is the fiance. It’s a humorous column based mostly on past relationships.

She’s A Crowd – About the peril of potential threesomes in a thriving relationship.

Double Word Score – About the competitive spirit existing between women and men.

Newsone.com – News, news, news. I have been checking out Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic, now that Tom Breihan is gone from the Voice. Ron Mexico is killing the hip-hop news but ain’t too many other brothers I read regularly for op-ed. Mark Anthony Neal has my attention. Trying to give the Issue-based journals a shot.

The Case of USA Basketball vs. Racism – On the triumph of the Olympic team and what it means for their standing in the world beyond hard-court respect.

Charter Schools Are Separate but Unequal – An analysis of charter schools in the Election year when education has tumbled down the Issues ladder.

The Case for Black Conservatives – A review of the black blogosphere (Afrosphere) and its power in the media world.

New York City Sports News – I will be writing scouting reports and player profiles for High School Basketball prospects. I’ve always wanted to cover sports, especially with amateur basketball being so vibrant in NY. This is the chance I’ve been waiting for. As a beat writer for this site, I’ll be offering some video interviews to go with the written reports. (That will be bananas, I assure you.)

I still plan to do work for Smoking Section, Rawkus, King Magazine and all those other great sites that have accepted my work. Check me for any more links.

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