“Off That” Jay-Z feat. Drake

Essentially, Shawn Carter sells his audience on his panache, often prematurely misunderstood. But trend-setting dares to tip him past Wizards-era Jordan style overexertion. Returning as rap’s tyrant, he directs the flow of trends while chasing them. “Off That” featuring rap meteor, Drake, deploys laser blips, zipping drums, and Jigga’s trademark lullaby flow. Timbaland’s Euro-pop electronics drown Drake’s disinterested refrain. The beat bangs, but Jay’s dicta ring like the caprice of a high school fashionista. As he enters mid-life in a profession called “the game,” Jay-Z often rehashes youth at his creative expense. “Off That” syndicates his passion for cool in a concerted quest for classic.

Link Round-Up for “Off That”

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Also: Jay-Z looking squirmy on Bill Maher’s show. Terrific interview with surprisingly candid answers from the Jiggaman. Makes you wonder how much this “guru speak” about manifesting confidence on the surface level rings true. The man is clearly uncomfortable on camera as “Shawn Carter discussing Jay-Z.”



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